Silver Bench Jewelry By Lisa Nortz

Cascading Heart Necklace (18"),
Each heart is hammered, shaped and soldered together to make this unique 18" chain for someone very special, add the large heart earrings to complete the set.

$375.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Tiny Spirals and Twisted Link Necklace and Earring Set
Delicate twisted links and tiny spirals are joined to form a light chain. I've been told that the spiral is a powerful symbol of healing. I do know that it appeals to many people for many reasons. The chain measures about 17-18".

$175.00 for the necklace and $45.00 for the earrings including postage and tax

Oval Link With Double Jumprings
This is a great guy necklace (though I have worn mine as a bracelet for years), made from heavy gauge rings pulled into ovals and attached with double jumprings. Measures 19" long with a good size lobster clasp.

$235.00 Includes shipping & tax

Foxtail Chain
A variation of the sequential chain, the foxtail is square or box-like. The chain shown measures 19" in length and just over 1/4" in width. It's a very delicate looking but elegant chain that works best in dress up situations.

$525.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Oxidized Large Twisted Link Necklace
The longer twisted links in this necklace give it a distinctive look, then the oxidizing really makes it stand out. It is my son Josh's design. It looks best worn without a pendant. Measures 19" long with a lobster clasp.

$150.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Hammered Link Chain
Made by hammering round wire flat on either end and drilling a hole to accommodate the silver ring that is inserted and then twisted to join them. This is a sparkly and elegant chain equally beautiful with or without a pendant. Measures 35" long with a lobster clasp.

$315.00 Includes shipping & tax

Small Oval Link necklace
A small, more delicate version of the chain that I have worn daily for the last few years. I've oxidized it and joined each oval link with a small jumpring. This chain measures 20" long and about 1/4" wide. Makes a nice bracelet also and of course can be ordered in any length.

$150 for this length, includes postage and tax.

Spiraling/Twisted Link Necklace
A light, shimmery chain with lots of movement. Appropriate for dress up as well as casual occasions. The length of this necklace is about 18".

$185.00 including postage and tax

Textured Concho Necklace
Each sterling silver disc is textured with various stamps and domed either convex or concave. Then the fun begins when I design some really interesting connections for the conchos. No two chains are alike and this one is already sold but it gives you an idea of what is possible. Measures about 18" long.

$250.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Bow Knot Chain
A bow knot is made by wrapping oval loops with ultra fine wire in the center forming tiny bows. Each bow knot is joined by a jump ring making an intricate chain. Measures 21" long.

$325.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Barbed Wire Chain
Named by one of my customers for it's resemblance to barbed wire. The links are made from medium weight round wire and are adorned with beads and a tiny floating twisted link. Then the links are joined with a heavy jumpring. Measures 17" long. $199.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Sequential/ Oval Link Necklace (24"),and Earrings (2")
A very beautiful medium weight chain made by connecting sequential links with sterling rings pulled into ovals. The earrings are shown quite long but can be ordered shorter if you like.

$450.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Crazy S Hook chain w/Aventurine Bead Wrap and twisted links with matching earrings 1-1/2"long including the earhook
The Crazy S Hook came about by mistake, I was making regular S hooks one day and cut my pieces of wire too long and ended up crossing the curl over the main wire in order not to waste them all. The resulting S hook has become one of my most popular designs. For this necklace I've used one larger crazy S hook for a pendant and wrapped some gorgeous aventurine beads for accent and used the twisted links to finish it off. I like the oxidized look with this one and check out the other Aventurine/Crazy S Hook necklace on this page for a variation that I have left shiny.

$150 necklace and $40 for the earrings (including shipping and tax)

Twisted Link Chain
Made by soldering sterling silver rings together to make a chain and then twisting them into tiny links. This is a light, versatile chain that may be worn alone or hung with a pendant. Measures 20" long.

$110.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Rosette Chain
Tiny hand constructed rosettes are joined with twisted links to make the polished anklet shown here. In the oxidized version I have shown the rosettes joined by open links, both designs showcase these lacy, delicate looking chains. This chain works very well as a choker, and I have earrings to match. Each measures about 9" long

$150.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Pine Cone Pendant with Matching Earrings
This delicate pine cone design is hand sawn from a piece of sterling sheet, then I solder another sheet behind it for strength. Please note that each pine cone design will vary slightly. The earrings are made in the same manner without the added weight of the sheet soldered behind it. The earrings are about ", and the pendant is about 1". This set includes a 17" oxidized twisted link chain.

$325.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Feather Pendant (3"), Twisted Link Chain (18"), and Earrings (2") Set
I've made a graceful feather pendant and suspended it from a medium weight twisted link chain and added matching feather earrings to complete the nature lover's set. May be sold separately also. All the pieces have been oxidized to highlight the details.

$375.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Sequential Necklace 18 gauge
You'll feel the quality of this necklace in it's heft and smoothness in your hand. The classic sequential design is beautiful and timeless. Measures 17" long with a lobster clasp. Shown oxidized but may be ordered shiny also.

$425.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Sequential Center in a Twisted Link Necklace
This fine twisted link chain has a center section of sequential chain, an ideal necklace for people that prefer a more delicate looking chain at an affordable price. May be ordered any length, this one is 16" and the chain can be oxidized as this one is or shiny.

$160. including postage and tax.

Flower Pendant and Earring Set
The delicate flower is formed from pure silver wire and hammered lightly, then I add a ball of copper for the flower center. The pendant is just over an inch in diameter and the earrings measure 3/4" in diameter. The set includes an 18" twisted link chain, may be ordered without a chain or in a different length.

$250.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Spiraling Chain
This graceful chain moves with you in a fluid motion, it's like wearing a piece of liquid sculpture. The width is 1/4" and the length measures about 24" allowing the chain to slip over your head. The clasp has been eliminated to maintain the spiral. This sparkling sterling silver hand made chain has lots of movement and catches the light even when you are still. One of the most attention getting chains I make!

$350.00 including postage and tax

S Hook Chain
The S hook chain is very lacy. Here it is combined with a few simple jumprings in between each S hook to create a delicate chain with lots of flash. Measures 20" long and includes a lobster clasp.

$175.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

S Hook Necklace (20") and matching Earrings (1"),
This lacy chain is one of my most popular chains, combined with the matching earrings you have a winning combination.

$220.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Aventurine Bead Wrap/Crazy S Hook Necklace 18" long and matching bracelet 8" long
For this version of the necklace I've used more aventurine beads and less twisted link than the one above. Most any bead may be substituted for the aventurine. The bracelet and necklace can of course be ordered at any length you prefer. This set is shiny and I make earrings to match.

$195.00 for the necklace and $105.00 for the bracelet (Includes shipping & tax)

Graduated Sequential Necklace
A truly classic chain of understated beauty that can be worn with jeans or your best dress. I start with a large 12 ga. sequential link in the center and add 14 ga. sequential links on either side, then 16 ga. sequential links and finish the chain with several inches of 18 ga. sequential links to the desired length. This one measures 18" long and the center link is 1/2" wide.

$600.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Organic Silver and Dichroic Pendant on a Bar Chain
The organic pendant is made from melted scrap sterling that I have rolled into a flat freeform shape and then bezel set an amazing dichroic glass cabochon on it. For the chain, I've reticulated the silver to give it the texture that you see and soldered on the rings for attaching to each other. The color in this cab is not shown well in this photo as it changes when it's moved, there is more aqua than visible here. I can make this pendant with your choice of stones or glass cabs. Pendant measures 2-3/4" across at the widest and 1-1/2" high. The entire necklace is 18-1/2" long and the earrings measure 2" long including the earhook.

$375.00 matching earrings $52.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Swirl Collar
The swirl collar is easy to wear, so comfortable and light yet it makes quite a statement. I've used my planishing hammer to create the faceting that you see on the surface. Swirl measures about 1-1/4" wide and the inside diameter is about 5-1/2".

$125 includes postage and tax

Bar Chain
Shown with a dichroic wrap pendant. Love the texture on this reticulated bar chain, the bars are connected with rings and can be made any length. The pendant would have to have a large loop in order to fit on this chain, the wrap pendant works best. Chain length is about 18".

$175.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Godseye pendant, necklace and earring set
The Godseye is a throwback to my weaving roots, it's often used to attach a handle to a rim when you are starting to weave a rib basket. For this pendant and earring set I've rolled pure silver round wire flat and woven around the sterling frame. The pendant measures about 2" square and the earrings are about 1-3/8" long including the earhook. I've used an 18 gauge twisted link chain to hang the pendant, it's about 18" long. Everything is oxidized.

$359 for the set or sold separately the pendant is $135, earrings are $125 and chain is $99.

Hammered Hoop Chain
This light and sparkly chain is made from 3 sizes of hoops each made from a different gauge wire. The hoops are soldered together and then carefully faceted with a hammer to make it shimmer as you move. Definitely the most popular chain that I sell. This one measures 18" long and has a lobster clasp.

$175.00 (Includes shipping & tax)